This is where everything start

For the new year resolutions , we’re Son and Ha thinked about do some thing different. So we have been leave our hometown and moved to Hanoi to study in the universities for about 4 ~ 5 years now, but still , none of us acttualy known the city. Its not the odd thing when a foreign friend comes to us and asks about some special place in Hanoi, or request a tour from us- people who living here, and there not much we can do. That is why we plan to go and see, and make our own version of the city, and may me not only just Hanoi but more in the future. Who know?

Son. The Moutain high

I met this amazing girl when we both worked at the Hanoi Social Club, even though we font have much chance to make friend back then but somehow we keep run in each other. Then we find out that we have so much in common, and this is one of those reasons we created this blog : to write about everything!

P\s. About the name of it,”sonhaphien”, it made from our name put together, i also add “phien”, a chinese word for handfan . i choose this name from one of my favorite book – TruTien.

Ha. The River deep

I am a free spirit, always want to try something new and exciting. What i love to do usually not what people love to do, and i like it that way. Be unique, be free, and be different. This blog is where i save all of my journey, people i meet and thing i learn. Welcome to my life !