13/100 days of productivites

I hadnt been so productive lately , that for sure. The reason is i was relized that i still got another subject to pass till i can finally graduate . Its been really  rough days , even though i got nice result on test – 8,75 for Chemischy and 7.7 for Math . Still, the idea of take another year at the university coundnt make me feel great about it.

But am i at depress now ? No. I am chilling, playing King’s Raid and working on my Blog  . After i readed about emotion first-aid yesterday , its not a full book yet, i only have a chance to read one chapter of the translate scrip from mr Nguyen Tien Dat. The book was talk about how we often take the physical damage way more seriously than mind damage even though the mind damage like guilt , rejection , failure and other everyday hurts happen way more than physical damage. We simple just let them eat us from inside and do nothing about it. I was instanlly hooked when i read the first chapter , so even though i dont have a chance to read the whole book yet – i may get its someday ,only about 7$ for the ebook though- i find the video clip of the author on TED talk and it was so inspring .
He explained how we was learned to protect our body since we was a kid. Like a five years old child know that if he cut himself he had to find a ban-aid to put it on his cut, and he had to brush teeth everyday to keep it clean. We know it since we were five years old .But how about maintaining our psychologicial health ? Nothing . Because we actually no nothing about it, or dont even aware that we were damage

There are some point in his presentation that i think really hit me

First is the loneliness – it creates a deep psychologicial wound , one that distorts our perceptions and scrambers our thinking . It makes us thinking that those around us care much less than they actually do . Its make us really afraid to reach out , because why set yourself up for rejection or heartache when your heart already aching more than you can stand
And the thing is you cant really see that you are hurt , so you dont know what to do with it. You just leave it be, its very dangerous . Because you cant treat psycholocial wound if you dont even know you are injured

The other painful thing we all faced is rejection especially when we were in love . Rejection is extremely painful. The worst part is not what people said to us but the what we said to ourselves. Thats something we all do, especially after a rejection. We all start to thinking about all our faults and all our shortcomings, what we wish we were , what we wish we werent ,call ourselves name . We just simply cut deeper in to the wound .

And one of unhealthiest and most common habits is called rumination – chew over . Its when your boss yells at you , or your professor make you feel stupid in class or you have big fight with a friend , and you just cant stop replay this sence in your head for days, sometime for weeks on end . By spending so much time focused on upsetting and negative thoughs we actually put ourselves at significant risk to developing depression , alcoholism , eating disorders and even cardiovascular disease .

So , by taking action when you’re lonely , by changing your responses to your failure, by protecting your self-esteem , by battling negative thinking , you wont just heal your psychological wounds, you will built emotional resilience , you will thrive .

And that was what touched me on so many level

Well, that’s my Monday morning – bla bla bla about things in my life and talk about something really cool i readed … Maybe it kind of far from produtivities project haha

Here is the link of the Ted talk if any one want to know:


And the article i read


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