All night long in Xofa

We didnt plan it, the idea just suddenly appeared. Both of us didnt want to go home, so that how we end up here : xofa – one of three coffee shops open 24\24 in hanoi .

This is close to the railway so you the feel the ground sakes a little everytime a train go by. Because there is not so many place for those people live by the night hang out in hanoi , that why it was  already crowed by the time we came. Though not able to get a couch we still lucky to get a table inside.

Hà was not in good mood, she been stress out with the scolarship for weeks , also the relationship with boys. She spend the night to talk about boys in her life , none of them seem right for her.

I in other hand quite enjoy the night. When Hà talk, i drawed and writed. But eventually we get hungry and tired, its not easy to up all night. People stay this late simply font want to leave their spot, so we font get a chance to rest in any couch. A question pop-up in our head.

Why people came here to sleep?

May be they just font want to come home like us.

Some people came to work, mostly artists, freelance.

Some worked late and came here after work

We saw people from opposite table meet up at 3 amm. What a strange schedule.

There are so many different reason. Well, after all every one simple need a place to hide from normal life

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