Na and Chóa

I always wanted to have a pet, like a cat, my parent never allowed me to have any cat at my house. So i told myself that i will get one when i get my own home, when i get more setle, in some right point in the future. But like all other things in life, the right moment you waiting for seemed never happen . So when one of my friend announcement that they are going to give away some new born kittens, i decided to get them: Na and Chóa

Last night i didnt get to sleep enough, those kittens bited my leg, stepped and jumped over my face ; i and my friend awaked many times. But we dont mind much, actually we gladed that they closed to human and even more lucky that they known to pop at the right place. I mean its the first time i try to take care of a pet, what more you can expect?

There are still a lot to come and to learn, but i think i gonna be okay. They maked me like the idea of coming home.

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